Dragon Well


Dragon Well is also referred as “Princess of Green Tea”, this can be attributed to its unique fragrance and flavour; flat, slender strips of tea leaves in bright green liquid. The tea leaves are pan fried. It has a smooth toasted-flavour, is mellow yet has a very notable bittersweet finish that is amazingly fresh and tippy. The olive-toned leaves lend the brew it’s slightly sweet and smooth flavor. It has a nutty and mellow taste that lingers on the palate. Its aftertaste makes it the perfect organic tea that revitalizes and soothes in every sip. Its scent is fresh, clean and vibrant and this crisp cup of Chinese tea aims to thrill.

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  • Taste

    Nutty and mellow taste

  • Aroma

    Toasty with smooth and sweet flavour

  • Appearance

    Bright yellow to green

TO BREW ONE CUP 150 (ml)

  • 1Put 2g of Finjaan Green Tea to the Strainer of the tea pot

  • 3Pour hot water over the leaves

  • 2Boil mineral/spring water

  • 4Brew for 120 seconds (2 minutes)

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Tea Region



It deters food poisoning


Helps control teeth cavities


It helps lower blood sugar level


It helps control high blood pressure


It prevents cancer

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200gm, 100gm, 50gm, 25gm

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