A strong blend but a subtle texture, an exhilarating aroma but a calming feel. These and many more emotions packed signature of the person you are. We hand over to you the taste, love, aroma and a lifestyle of being self!
At Finjaan, we Celebrate Tea. We strive to bring the finest variety of exotic teas from across the world to your doorstep rather your tea cup

Finjan Life

Experience Opulence of Taste and Tradition

It is said that tea was first discovered in China around 2737 BC by Emperor Shen Nung. Bodhidharma has been pivotal in bringing in tea drinking habit to India. Gradually, tea to present day is loved and savored world over as a refreshing and delicious drink. There are ways and methods for preparing and serving tea. The passion to serve tea in right way has brought in the concept of “Finjaan – Tea Lounge”.

Today, Finjaan is the first tea-lounge to open in Hyderabad, serving 40 speciali’tea teas from around the world. Finjaan’s Mission is to brew and serve some of the finest blends to perfection in a state of the art ambience giving you the experience of the exquisite flavours of the wide variety available. At Finjaan we offer an experience to remember!

Certifications and Partnerships

“Excellent Teas! Loved the Ginseng Oolong and Rose Buds Teas” – Madhulika, Somajiguda

“Ultimate tea drinking experience, great collection of variety, wonderful concept” – Surendra Agarwal, Begum Bazar

“Simply the best, great quality of teas”. – Ashfaq, Amsterdam (Netherlands) .

“Excellent collection of teas. A tea destination of course”! – Emma, Bethel Ashok Manoj Nagar, ECIL

“Being at Finjaan is an experience in itself. The colour, flavor and taste of a wide variety of tea engulfs your senses” -Roshni Sen, Kolkata

“Simply the best, great quality of teas”. – Ashfaq, Amsterdam (Netherlands) .


Finjaan Tea Longue, 8-2-577/1/CI man Khomeini "Hyder Manzil" 15-6-108, Afzal Gunj, Hyderabad, AP - 500 012. India.