Chinese Ginseng Oolong


The sought after Chinese Oolong Tea is favoured and flavoured for perfection. This delicate blend is layered with malty tones and sweet notes all at ones. Not only this tea refreshes, but is famous for its medicinal benefits. Finjaan brings you the taste and flavour of Oolong that only the Emperors enjoyed.

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  • Taste

    Sweet delicate and floral

  • Aroma

    Natural light floral

  • Appearance

    Clear bright apricot

TO BREW ONE CUP 150 (ml)

  • 1Put 2g of Finjaan White Tea Leaves to the Strainer of the tea pot

  • 3Pour hot water over the leaves

  • 2Boil mineral/spring water

  • 4Brew for 120 seconds (2 minutes)

Additional information

Weight 200 g
Tea Region



Has positive effect on immune system


Help protect teeth from bacteria


Lowers the risk of insulin resistance


Helps the body and skin stay young


Helps in reducing pre mature aging

Available Weight

200gm, 100gm, 50gm, 25gm

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