Darjeeling Oolong


This handpicked special tea will never fail to impress you with its delightfully appealing aroma. This sweet oolong remarkably diverges in the mouth and exudes even flavours for a plentiful delight. Indulge in this tea which has distinctive notes of raw fruits and fresh flowers that lingers on for long.

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  • Taste

    Notes of lemon/orange and light jasmine flowers

  • Aroma

    Lifted notes of woody

  • Appearance

    Light Gold

TO BREW ONE CUP 150 (ml)

  • 1Put 2g of Finjaan Chai Darjeeling Tea Leaves to the Strainer of the tea pot

  • 3Pour hot water over the leaves

  • 2Boil minerals /spring water

  • 4Brew for 120 seconds (2 minutes)

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Tea Region



Boosts metabolism, causing weight loss


Lowers cholesterol


Aids digestion


Helps prevent heart diseases


Increases mental alertness

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100gm, 50gm, 25gm

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