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Tea and Health
   Tea is Liquid Confidence. It freshens your breath, and is a rare source of natural fluorides which help prevent tooth decay and dental cavities.
  The Gama Amino Buteric Acid (GABA) in tea helps regulate blood pressure.
  Tea Catechins inhibit the increase of blood cholesterol and blood sugar.
  Tea acts as a Diuretic it clears urine and facilitates its flow.
  Tea Catechins help in reducing the incidence of Cancer of Organs viz. Pancreas, Prostrate Gland Colon, Oesophagus and Mouth; It also helps reduce tumours and oxidation by free radicals.
  Tea accelerates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats and thus is good for slimming.
  Tea Catechins help in easing the discomfort in joints and limbs.
  Tea aids in digestion and better absorption of proteins and fats.
  Tea eliminates toxic substances from the body. Antioxidants in Tea slows down ageing.
  The Vitamin C in tea reduces stress, battles infection, and adds to the resistance of the body.
  The assuages thirst and beats the summer heat.
  Tea assuages thirst and beats the summer heat.
  Tea rejuvenates and adds a glow to skin and is hence used in cosmetics.
  Tea is a potent antibacterial which fights carcinogenic bacteria and kills the Influenza Virus.
  Tea flavour acids strengthen blood vessel walls and prevent halitosis.
  Tea is rich source of Vitamin B Complex.
  Tea is calorie-free.
  Tea has less caffeine than coffee; the Caffeine in tea removes fatigue, stimulates clear thinking and mental alertness.